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Your Event is Our Event

Congratulations to our client Baker Electric Home Energy who hosted their Home Energy Launch Party this past weekend. The celebration was the official kickoff for the new company and its extended lines of business including Solar + Home Batteries, Smart Home and Heating and Air Conditioning. A good time was had by all as attendees enjoyed live bands, food trucks, and of course lots of great SWAG provided by yours truly. Not only did Custom Logos provide all of the SWAG including shirts, bags, stuffed animals and the like but we also supplied the canopies and table throws as well. Account executive and partner Ryan Kaback volunteered at the event which he deemed a smashing success. Call us next time you need help with your event and we’d be happy to oblige.

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

In honor of the kickoff of summer we hosted our first ever Custom Logos Ice Cream Social last Friday prior to Memorial Day Weekend. Ice cream socials here in the United States date back to 1744 when Maryland governor Thomas Bladen served ice cream for a dinner party. That was followed by the first ice cream social in the White House in 1802, presided over by the 3rd U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson. As ice cream became more common to the public in the 1800s, many organizations including schools and churches adapted the idea. Fast forward a couple hundred years and our staff thoroughly enjoyed carrying on the tradition!

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We’re All About Cross Training

Yes. We are an athletically fit company but in this case we’re not talking about burpees, lunges or squats. We’re talking about training staff members in multiple aspects of our business. It began when we were a very small company and we all wore many hats in the day to day operations of the business. Here we are 29 years later and in respect to cross training not much has changed. All of our staff are encouraged to learn different tasks and recognize that by bringing more value to us they will be compensated accordingly. Pictured above is Daisy Hernandez who joined our Ruby division just over a year ago in an entry level position, folding t-shirts and doing quality control. Since then she has eagerly taken on multiple other responsibilities, including shadowing her mother in law Elia and learning how to run the sewing machine and do labeling. We are extremely grateful to have people like Daisy and Elia on our staff and are very appreciative of the value they provide our business.

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Ever Wonder….

These are common questions to which there are no concrete answers. Most companies use promotional products to build brand identity and keep their name in front of their customers. Others do so because that’s what their competitiors do. And of course, for some people their job is to purchase promotional products and the activity in of itself provides job security. However, we feel the following story may be the best answer to the questions above:

On a train journey to California a friend asked Mr. Wrigley why, with the lion’s share of the market, he continued to advertise his chewing gum? “How fast do yo think this train is going?” asked Wrigley. “I would say about ninety miles an hour” was the response. “Well,” said Wrigley, “Do you suggest we unhitch the engine?”

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